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The 12 Days of Christmas Décor, Day 3: No Christmas Tree? No Problem!

Welcome to the next installment of Blackbird Design Studio's 12 Days of Christmas Décor! Today's post tackles a situation that's more common than people may realize: what to do when putting up a Christmas tree isn't an option!

Day 3: No Christmas Tree? No Problem!

In a perfect world, every home would have an tall, full, and fragrant fir in the foyer or great room, with plenty of space underneath the tree for presents. In the real world, though, people live in studio apartments, third floor walkups and tiny houses where a real tree isn't practical or readily available. Live trees can also pose a challenge for families with allergies, animals or small children. Artificial trees look a lot more authentic these days, but families living in close quarters may lack the storage space for a faux fir.

Happily, there are plenty of options that can take a home from "No Christmas Tree" to "O Christmas Tree" in a twinkling! The DIY community -- and, as a result, the Internet -- has gone wild over pallet Christmas trees. Other options include chalkboard trees and, for a retro look, a vintage ceramic tabletop tree (pictured). The possibilities are endless for bringing the evergreen symbol of the holidays home. Get creative and be flexible!

Christmas is getting closer! Still looking for decorating solutions? Come back for Day 4, or schedule a consultation today!

Until next time,

- Laurie

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