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The 12 Days of Christmas Décor, Day 8: Big or Small, Deck Them All

Welcome to Day 8 of Blackbird Design Studio's 12 Days of Christmas Décor! Today's topic expands on the notion of creating unexpected vignettes and bits of holiday cheer around the house. Read on for more details!

Day 8: Big or Small, Deck Them All

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many people find it easier to focus their holiday decorating efforts on the areas guests are most likely to see. Efficient and practical as that strategy is, the downside is that the private areas of the home are shortchanged.

Why not add a little whimsy and fun in places that are just for a home's residents? Both online and brick and mortar retailers have a plentiful assortment of fun holiday bedding, and of course Pinterest is full of thousands of bedroom décor ideas ranging from traditional to rustic.

Another surprising place for holiday décor is the powder room or bathroom. Between guest towels, holiday scented soaps, and shower curtains, there is enough variety available to complement any home's existing colors and style. Some of the more subtle winter-themed accessories can be used even after the holidays end!

Still looking for last-minute inspiration? Schedule a consultation today!

Until next time,

- Laurie

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