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Hello there.

Welcome to Nerdvana Interiors! 

If you said (or thought) "General Kenobi" after reading our greeting, you're among friends at Nerdvana Interiors. (If you didn't, you're still among friends here. No judging!)


Either way, we're glad to meet you and delighted that you found us.

Meet the Head Nerd

I'm Laurie Seubert, Chief Creative Officer and Head Nerd at Nerdvana Interiors. I've been an interior designer since 2014. I'm a fan of sci-fi franchises, comic book universes, and sports, and have looked for ways to marry pop culture touchstones and interior design since launching my business.


Our Origin Story

In November of 2021, I had my "light bulb" moment while volunteering at my local comic convention: that very second, there were literally thousands of people all around me who were just as happy to be there as I was. They collected comics, art, LEGOs, jerseys, and other memorabilia, and embraced these things in their daily lives...and their needs weren't being served by the traditional design community. They needed someone who appreciated their fandom, and that someone was me.


Three months later, Nerdvana Interiors was born.

Our Mission

At Nerdvana Interiors, our goal is to help our clients' homes reflect what makes them happy. If you're looking for suggestions for the best way to showcase your POP! figures or LEGO model of Hogwarts, we can help. If you want your powder room to be the same color as the outside of the TARDIS, we can help. If you're a streamer who wants to take your gaming setup to the next level, we can help. If you'd really like your living room to be a more comfortable place for your weekly board game or D&D night, we can help. If your life's dream is a "fan cave" with a feature wall that looks like the Green Monster, we can help.

Like to Shop? We're on Etsy!

Sometimes our clients just need a few accessories to put the finishing touches on their fan cave...and that's OK! To help meet that need, our Etsy shop features limited-run home décor items, made by hand and ready to ship.

Check out our Etsy shop here!

Let's Connect!

To connect with us about your project, send us a message using the contact form below or reach out by email or on social. We look forward to hearing from you...and in the meantime, live long and prosper!

Let’s Work Together

480 Atlantic Avenue

Warwick, RI 02888-2637

Tel: 401.480.6015

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