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Three Hidden Gems from the IKEA 2017 Catalog That Won't Bust Your Budget

IKEA 2017 Catalog Cover

IKEA fans, rejoice! The 2017 catalog has arrived, and the Internet is abuzz with praise for the latest innovations from Sweden. While the media and bloggers are going gaga (and rightfully so) for the VALLENTUNA sofa and GRÖNADAL rocking chair, avid readers of the catalog will find charming, practical, and -- most importantly for budget-conscious shoppers -- affordable new reasons to make a pilgrimage to the nearest IKEA. Here are three that are worth the trip. All photos are courtesy of IKEA.

The PÅHL desk with add-on unit: catalog price, $99.99

Parents looking for a streamlined homework space with a dash of color need look no further than the PÅHL desk. This sturdy and sleek desk has three height levels to accommodate even the smallest students in the house and is available with pink, bright blue, and green accents as well as an all-white look.

The add-on unit shown provides storage space for pencils, pens and notebooks without taking up too much desktop space. A hutch unit is also available for students who need more room for books and other study supplies.

MATTRAM fabric and curtains: catalog price, $4.99/yard (fabric) | $24.99 (pair of curtains)

Cat fanciers and fans of a certain classic clock are not the only ones who are excited about IKEA's new fabric designed by Niina Aalto. Available in black (curtains and matching cushion) and orange (fabric only), MATTRAM is ideal for adding a little whimsy to any space.

A little goes a long way, to be sure, but it's a fun print that can be used year-round in the right scale and proportion.

FLISAT toy storage with casters: catalog price, $29.99

There's a lot to like about IKEA's new FLISAT children's collection, but the toy storage cart is a multitasker's dream. Adding a TROFAST bin inside the cart keeps even the smallest playthings contained, and the handle and wheels allow for easy whisking away of the cart when it's cleanup time.

The best part of the FLISAT cart? The pine body and sides give IKEA hackers leeway to add whimsical accents and colors that complement the cart's bright green wheels. Will it become the children's equivalent of the RÅSKOG cart? Time will tell.

Bonus: the SÅLLSKAP collection, coming in October 2016

It's not available until October, but the SÅLLSKAP collection looks like a winner.

Overwhelmed by Swedish design? Looking for guidance? Blackbird Design Studio can help. Schedule a consultation today!

Until next time,

- Laurie

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