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Introducing..."Fresh Eyes"!

Blackbird Design Studio is thrilled to launch a new service designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind -- "Fresh Eyes" Design Consultation!

Fresh Eyes Service Graphic

What is "Fresh Eyes"? "Fresh Eyes" is a exciting new way for homeowners to create and execute their own vision for their home's decor while benefitting from a design professional's expertise at the same time.

How does "Fresh Eyes" work? Clients who book a "Fresh Eyes" consultation will have up to two hours of one-on-one time to present ideas to our design team for review and constructive feedback. This includes evaluation of floor plans, furnishings, color choices, fabrics, and other elements that the client has selected for their space.

Ideally, this consultation will take place in the client's home, to ensure that the design team can take measurements if needed and get a feel for the lighting and existing architectural elements of the space. Long-distance consultations are available through Skype, but would involve sharing of images and information in advance through email or a shared Pinterest board.

Why do I need "Fresh Eyes"? Blackbird Design Studio understands that many homeowners have a great sense of style and are very comfortable with choosing furniture, fabrics and colors, but would appreciate a second opinion -- a "fresh set of eyes" -- from an objective third party before making a major purchase or starting a big project. Friends and family members are often good sounding boards, but might not feel comfortable offering a frank opinion about a project. Blackbird Design Studio's "Fresh Eyes" service gives clients the benefits of helpful, honest feedback coupled with professional design expertise.

What if I want more help after using the "Fresh Eyes" service? That's perfectly fine! For those clients who decide that they'd like to partner with Blackbird Design Studio on their project, design services are available at a discounted hourly rate.

How do I book an appointment for "Fresh Eyes"? It's very easy! Blackbird Design Studio now offers online booking services: visit to get started!

We're very excited to expand our services and look forward to offering even more design solutions to our clients in the near future!

Until next time,



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