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It's Official: Blackbird Design Studio is Certified Cruelty Free!

Blackbird Design Studio is proud to announce our recent achievement of the Certified Cruelty Free designation!

For those unfamiliar with Certified Cruelty Free, here's a little background:

Certified Cruelty Free was founded by designer Deborah Rosenberg with the goal of ending the mistreatment of animals worldwide by creating awareness of the animals' plight, as well as introducing vegan alternatives to products made of furs, leathers, and skins. Designers, business owners and individuals who successfully complete a series of educational modules and assignments are able to earn the Certified Cruelty Free certification, register their usage of the trademark, and feature the Certified Cruelty Free logo on their website, social media and other marketing materials.

Faux Snakeskin

By learning about vegan alternatives, designers are able to offer their clients solutions that are not only environmentally friendly, but also in many cases more durable and affordable than genuine furs, leathers and skins. Vegan alternatives can also benefit clients who have allergies or sensory issues.

Blackbird Design Studio is excited to have achieved the Certified Cruelty Free milestone, and we look forward to including vegan solutions for those clients who are passionate about animal welfare or would prefer faux materials for health or other practical reasons.

Curious about how to integrate vegan design solutions into your next home project? Let's start a conversation! Contact us today for a consultation!

Until next time,

- Laurie

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