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Three Quick Tips for a Stunning, Stress-Free Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving table setting

It's that time of year again: as Thanksgiving draws near, millions of Americans channel their inner Martha Stewart and spend hours in the kitchen cooking for a small army. At the same time, the pressure is on to create a tablescape that not only showcases the holiday dinner but is also Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy. It's enough to send even the most skilled cooks running to spike their egg nog!

Does this sound familiar? Before making an emergency run to the local liquor store, take a deep breath, read on, and follow these tips to transform your holiday table in a flash!

Don't be afraid to mix and match

It happens to everyone at least once: at some point, there will be more guests at the holiday table than there are matching plates or glasses. Thankfully, there's no need to be "matchy-matchy" to be stylish these days! Feel free to alternate place settings "A" and "B" as needed, but establish some sort of rhythm to the arrangement (A/B/A/B, A/A/B/A/A/B, etc.) around the table for a cohesive look. Using the same placemats, chargers, and napkins at each setting will help to unify the tabletop. Bonus pro tip: a spare set of neutral plates that compliment your everyday dishes is your MVP during the holidays! IKEA carries durable settings for six in a variety of colors, with other national chains offering similar options.

Make the most of Mother Nature

When planning your holiday tablescape, some of the best accessories can be found in the great outdoors. Pinecones, gourds, fruit, small birch branches, and vines such as bittersweet can add color to the table without breaking the budget. Bonus pro tip: gold or silver paint or glitter spray is a great way to elevate these natural elements and add a touch of sparkle and shine!

Keep a low (centerpiece) profile

There's no denying the elegance of a floral centerpiece at any time of year, especially during the holidays. The down side of a centerpiece is that guests seated on opposite sides of the table may spend the meal looking at the flowers instead of their tablemates while trying to have a conversation over dinner! Rather than choosing a tall vase of flowers or greenery, opt for a long, low arrangement or a beautiful bowl filled with natural elements instead. Your guests will thank you! Bonus pro tip: instead of filling a bowl with pinecones or fruit, give each guest a slip of paper and ask them to anonymously make note of something they're thankful for this season. Place all of the slips of paper in the bowl in the center of the table and have each guest draw and read one during the meal. Try to guess who wrote each sentiment!

At Blackbird Design Studio, we are grateful for our clients and industry partners, as well as our friends and family. Have a peaceful, safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,

- Laurie

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